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Our focus at Spiratio is on empowering Changemakers or those who want to become one. Many Changemakers are very creative, spiritual, intuitive with a big vision but they are often startled, paralysed by their many creative ideas and these sheer endless options to manifest into tangible form.

Online Marketing

That’s what we do for you. We help you to manifest your gifts & vision. You bring the Spirit and we do what we do best, combining it with Ratio, so that something truly In-SPIRATIO-nal is born. Learn more about our services and how we can help you – Now

Our changemaking

Spiratio was founded on the principle that we want to help make this world a better place. We believe the best way to do this is to help other likeminded Changemakers in bringing their vision alive. We will not work with anyone else. That’s our Promise.


Are you into spirituality, healing, alternative medicine, environmentalism, social Entrepreneurship or otherwise want to make a positive impact on this world? Then Spiratio is the best Agency for you. If not we’re sorry but we’re not a fit for you. See more examples of who we work for…

Holistic Approach

Balance and developing holistically is the key. The world is duality. Many Changemakers are very creative, spiritual & visionary but they lack the rational, hands on approach to manifest it into tangible form. That’s what we do for you. We help you to manifest your gifts

Intuitive Design

We are living in a culture that favours the physical over the soul and the spirit. Science negates intuition. At Spiratio we do listen to that inner guidance and use it for our work. Our Clients love this part about us and are constantly amazed by the results

Love & positivity

We believe the Power of Love & Positivity will overcome everything. Our thoughts, feelings, words & actions produce energies which in turn attract like energies. If we want a better world we have to start with ourselves and the small things. 


We believe in keeping it simple. By reducing the world, you enlarge it! We value simplicity, minimalism & humility in all that we do. Together with clarity in our values this is a key ingredient for our success

Your Dream. Our Mission.

The values we embody

We believe you can’t achieve anything without action. Action speaks louder than words. But action also means responsibility. Therefore, All what we do at Spiratio is based on our 4 core values. 

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From Changemakers for Changemakers

Why are we different?

Spiratio was created by our Founder Chris. Better known under the pseudonym Chris White. Chris has a background in International Management and worked together with the most renowned Marketers in the rational material world – so far so good

What’s different is that Chris dropped his career, went into the spiritual and became a holistic Coach, a Breathwork Facilitator and Meditation Trainer. Now he combines both worlds. The Spiritual & the Rational – Spiratio was born – An online Marketing Agency from Changemakers for Changemakers

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We believe there can’t be anyone else who loves their clients more than we do why? Because they’re all changing the world and making it a better place. Helping those Changemakers all over the world in making their gifts & vision seen is what makes us most happy

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