Nagaint Project

Webdesign for Naga Indigenous Natural Therapy


Our Work Process for

1 Selection Stage


Design of a new Online Presence
Client: Kaori Endo, CEO of Enzo Ltd.
Implementation: 2019

Kaori Endo, the CEO of Enzo ltd. reached out to us for a new webdesign of her vision Naga Indigenous Natural Therapy. After getting to know what a beautiful Changemaker Kaori is, and that her beautiful Vision aligns with our changemaking promise, we gracefully accepted her application. Kaori brings a whole new spiritual dimension to Traditional Thai Massage Therapy.

 It is her lifelong project to gather more research on the amazing healing benefits of the Energy line Sen Kalathari.  Her vision was to create an online presence that combines her research work, together with her massage services & products as well as all her Centers around the world. She was looking for a longterm partner with an intuitive web design, which aligns with her values and is able to grow alongside her

2 Core Work Stage


Core Work

Branding & Strategy

Before we created the Webdesign and Corporate Identity for we sat together to feel how we can best help Kaori to manifest her vision. Together we came up with and developed a powerful branding and Corporate Identity strategy for Naga indigenous Natural Therapy.

Core Work

Outstanding Web Design

We decided to create a natural, simplistic, yet timeless interface & webdesin which embodies Kaori’s life & living. At Spiratio we are all about Details. We strongly believe that fonts are so very essential. For we choose a font family with minimalistic, simple and elegant typeface that can make design look astonishingly beautiful even with just the font itself.

Core Work

Details are key

Color is another one of those essentials. We chose a color palette that matches Kaori’s values. Dominant bright Orange in rememberance of Thai Monks and Kaori’s Masters. Timeless turquoise, blue & pink pastel colors chosen because of their deeper meaning. With a sweet feminine feel these colors also convey meanings of refreshing, calming energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, love, joy, patience, intuition, and loyalty. All values Naga Indigenous Natural Therapy stands for.

3 Result Stage


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The beauty of our work is: You are a changemaker and we are too. You want to better the world, we do too. You believe in and care for things like positivity, Intuition, healing, spirituality, environment and we do too. We share the same core values, we’re on the same wavelength. That’s why we deliver outstanding results, we feel you. We know what you truly want.

But don't listen to us, listen to our client Kaori sharing her experience with us

What our Client has to say

“I really thoroughly enjoyed to have chosen Spiratio as my Agency. It was exactly what I needed. I was looking for someone who has both – hands-on, top notch design & branding skills but also an understanding for my spiritual work. Chris & Spiratio totally understood my vision beyond a rational business point of view, which is rare. In the end I was blown away by the result. How intuitive they took care of every detail, be it fonts, colors, wording was one of a kind. I would recommend them to any apsiring Changemaker who want to bring his/her vision alive.”

Kaori Endo

CEO, Enzo ltd.

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